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The MUrder at Akershus fortress

2 hours 

2 km/1 mile

1-4 players per group

€50 / NOK 499 per group

Based on: Case A

Difficulty: Medium

8+ years recommended


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365 Days a year


City Centre, Oslo


In 'The Murder at Akershus Fortress' you are taken back to the year 1965. You come from a highly respected family of investigators, and you try hard to live up to their expectations.


You are at a party for Oslo's Police and suddenly there is a report that the body of a woman has been found on a hill near Akershus Fortress. The task of finding out what has happened falls to you, the new and young investigator.


You now have the chance to prove your worth as an investigator to your family, but also to the whole of Oslo. Much is at stake in 'The Murder at Akershus Fortress', both your and your family's honor as investigators, but also the safety of all of Oslo. Can you handle the pressure from your family and the people of Oslo, and at the same time identify the right perpetrator?


Gather your team of investigators and head to Akershus Fortress to begin the mystery. As you walk around Oslo to solve the mystery, you will pass beautiful historical buildings while solving challenges and puzzles.


When you have identified the  guilty person(s), you can open the last part of the mystery and find out if you are right and at the same time read about the real crime on which 'The Murder at Akershus Fortress' is based.


Good luck! You will need it ...

Mostly Barrier-free
(Alternative route available)

Start your murder hunt at akershus fortress today
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Go to the pick up point, which is a short walk from the starting point, to collect your mystery. Begin the game any time you want at the starting point indicated on the envelope.

The mystery takes place outside and is a private group activity, no third party members or additional players are involved. It is possible to play the game in larger groups, go to FAQ for more information or send an email with your request to:

Pick up point


Akershusstranda 23

0150 Oslo

Mon - Fri 11-17

Sat 11-16

Sun closed

Pick up your mystery and go hunt for clues
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Solv the Mystery hunt at Akershus Fortress
The Mystery Walk

You walk around Akershus Fortress whilst gathering clues and solving tasks that are related to your historic surroundings.

The clues and tasks can be misleading and make you doubt your investigative skills. Don't be fooled and believe in yourself! The safety of Oslo's citizens depends on you.

At the end of your mystery adventure, you reach the Vet Christiania Torv, where you gather all your clues and hopefully accuse the right person of the crime.

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