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The murder
by the

2 hours 
2 km/1 mile
1-4 players per group

€29 per group

Based on: Case D

Difficulty: Medium

8+ years recommended


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365 days a year


City Centre, Barcelona


In 'The Murder by the Cathedral' you are an investigator in Barcelona in 1914. Your primary task is to solve murders and other serious crimes.

One day you receive a letter from the prosecutor's office in Barcelona. An important person has been reported missing, and it's now up to you to solve the mystery.


A lot is at stake and as the case develops, more and more gruesome details emerge.


Can you identify the culprit and bring the missing person back home?


'The Murder by the Cathedral' is a fun and different way to explore Barcelona with your friends and family.


If you are into true crime, you will definitely like 'The Murder by the Cathedral', as the mystery is based on a true crime.

Good luck, you'll need it!

Solve the murder at the Cathedral i barcelona with a mystery hunt
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Go to the pick up point, which is a short walk from the starting point, to collect your mystery. Begin the game any time you want at the starting point indicated on the envelope.

The mystery takes place outside and is a private group activity, no third party members or additional players are involved. It is possible to play the game in larger groups, go to FAQ for more information or send an email with your request to:

Pick up point

Shop Viugreen CBD

Calle Tallers 66

08001 Barcelona

Mon - Sat 11am - 9pm

Sundays Closed

1, 2, 3 Solve the mystery
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Solve the mystery at The Cathedral in Barcelona
The Mystery Walk

You're standing outside the Cathedral of Barcelona. The murder mystery is inside your envelope. A mysterious disappearance causes a lot of unrest. As an renowned investigator it is your duty to find out what happened.


You walk around the historic setting of the Cathedral of Barcelona, and with the help of various clues you solve the tasks related to your surroundings.


Eventually, you reach the Plaça de la Seu, where you gather up all your clues and hopefully find the missing person before it's too late.​

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