The murder
by the

2 Hours 
Route approx. 2 km/1 mile
1-4 Players per group
Price €29

Based on: Case D

Difficulty: Medium

Age recommendation: 8+

Languages available: SPA/ENG

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365 days a year


City Centre, Barcelona


The year is 1914. You are a criminal investigator, operating in Barcelona, solving murders and other crimes, when you suddenly receive a strange letter from the Public Prosecutor's office. An important person is reported missing, and your help is required.

As the case unfolds more and more gruesome details come to light. Much is at stake! Can you solve the mystery?

Good luck, you will need it!

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Go to the pick up point, which is a short walk from the starting point, to collect your mystery. Begin the game at any time you want at the starting point indicated on the envelope.

The mystery takes place outside and is a private group activity, no third party members or additional players are involved. It is possible to play the game in larger groups, go to FAQ for more information or send an email with your request to:

Pick up point

Unfortunately, there are currently no pick up points available in Barcelona. However, you can still order the mysteries online, we will deliver them directly to your doorstep! 

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The Mystery Walk

You're standing outside the Cathedral of Barcelona. The murder mystery is inside your envelope. A mysterious disappearance causes a lot of unrest. As an renowned investigator it is your duty to find out what happened.


You walk around the historic setting of the Cathedral of Barcelona, and with the help of various clues you solve the tasks related to your surroundings.


Eventually, you reach the PLAÇA DE LA SEU, where you gather all your clues and hopefully find the missing person... before it's too late.​