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The Murder at Edinburgh Castle

2 hours 

2 km/1 mile

1-4 players per group

€39 / £33 per group

Based on: Case G

Difficulty: Medium

8+ years recommended


Scotland Flag.png


365 days a year


City Centre, Edinburgh


'The Murder at Edinburgh Castle' takes place in the year 1901. You are a newly trained investigator, but no one has noticed your abilities yet.


A body turns up on a slope outside Edinburgh Castle. It is the body of a woman named Mary Brown. A young and recently engaged waitress who has become the victim of a terrible crime.

Could this case be your big break as an investigator?


You must collect the important evidence and secure the tracks that the killer has left around the Royal Mile and the Old Town.


Can you solve the tasks that will lead you in the direction of the killer? Much is at stake for you, and also for the entire population of Edinburgh. Find the culprit before more innocents fall victim to a cold-blooded killer. 


Gather your team of investigators and head for Edinburgh Castle, where the first clues are found.


If you are a larger group of investigators, you can buy multiple mysteries and compete against each other. The first group to solve the mystery and identify the real killer wins.


Afterwards, you can read about the real case behind the mystery 'The Murder at Edinburgh Castle'.

Good luck! You may need it ... 

PLEASE NOTE: This mystery is only available in ENGLISH!