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5-500 participants



1. Exciting history! - Local guide with expert knowledge that entertains you with historical facts, storytelling, tales and clues 

2. Solve the mystery - You collaborate in teams of 3-4 people / per group and solve the authentic murder mystery together. The route is about 1.5- 2 km walk 

3. Food & Beverage - Together you´ll enjoy a well-deserved lunch / meal either outdoors in the fantastic surroundings or with one of our restaurant partners



A fantastic team activity in an exciting historical environment. Solve A Mystery is great fun of course, and during the game it will require teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills within the groups/teams. Solve one of our mysteries together with the whole company, your team or department, and it will definitely help to strengthen the team spirit and sense of belonging which contributes to better corporate culture and a better bottom-line.


2 - 3 hours


Available in Oslo - Stockholm - Copenhagen - London -

Edinburgh - Dublin - Barcelona.



How dos it work?

Buy it, pick it up and play it. You can play the mystery at any time it suits you.

edinburghSH (1).jpg

Mads H. Lund

Partner - KHS A/S  

The biggest problem is that it will be difficult to match next year. I definitely recommend Solve A Mystery as a team activity.

Louise Luna Bjerre

Sales Manager - Jobindex 

An absolutely wonderful experience. We're still talking about this 6 months later.

I highly recommend Solve A Mystery

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