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The murder 
at Trinity College

2 hours 
2 km/1 mile

1-4 Players per group
€29 per group

Based on: Case B

Difficulty: Medium

8+ years recommended


Ireland Flag.png


365 days a year


City Centre, Dublin


'The murder at Trinity College' takes you back to the year 1899. You are a skilled investigator and your colleagues are convinced that you possess a “sixth sense” when it comes to investigation.

A case of a missing math professor lands on your desk. He disappeared after finishing his studies at Trinity College and no one has heard from him since.


His wife Cecily Flynn is very worried about her husband, and sincerely hopes that you can find him.


As the case develops, a bloody briefcase belonging to Professor Flynn appears.


What has happened to Professor Flynn, and can you bring him home to his wife?


Much is at stake and the more time passes, the smaller the chance of finding Professor Flynn alive.


'The Murder at Trinity College' is a fun way for you and your friends to get around Dublin. The mystery takes you past historic buildings in the center of the city.


Good luck! You will need it …

PLEASE NOTE: this mystery is only available in ENGLISH!