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Chinatown and

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The killing at Chinatown is inspired by true events that took place during the 18th century. As investigation analysts and researchers,

you´re in charge of solving this difficult crime where the local debt collector Johan Meyer was killed under diffuse and vague circumstances within the area around Chinatown.


As the story unfolds you will solve fun, tricky and exciting tasks that requires teamwork, communication and problem-solving abilities. The tour that awaits you will take you through the stunning and historical surroundings around Chinatown.


There are several possible suspects, and you finally have to find out who is the Murderer!

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About the game

The murder mystery is based on a real incident.

You open the envelope at the Chinatown and take out the murder mystery.

The year is 1899 and a cruel murder of the local debt collector Johan Meyer has been committed.

As researchers and investigators in charge,

you´ll have to find the murderer!

You move around the area at the Rundetårn while solving puzzles and tasks related to the surroundings.


Finally, you end up at .... Here you will gather all the threads and clues and hopefully accuse the right person responsible for this shocking crime!


Happy hunting! //The Solve Team

People say the most beautiful things about our mysteries


A solid noir story with colorful characters.


Sense of detail and efficient use of the surroundings, you see the city as you have not seen it before.

Flens Holm

Like the other mysteries, this one is highly recommended!

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