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Have Fun Together
Create lasting memories

Fast paced living defines our modern day and age. We struggle to be everywhere all at once, and to be enough. Currently, we are online for an average of 4 hours a day.

We are always just a google-search away from the next question, a click of a button away from our work inbox, and we also need time to update our social media for a much-needed dopamine rush … 
We love to see our customers spend time together, socialize and actually speak to each other outside of the online world.

We created Solve A Mystery to provide people with the right preconditions to simply enjoy each other's company in exciting environments, laugh a lot, and to create lasting memories around the beautiful world we live in. 

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We are on this journey together!

We want to earn the right to our relationship by adding enough value when you join our adventures.

Our drive is rooted in the desire to experience this journey together, and by doing so develop further. We pursue this mission by carefully listening to your perspectives and inputs about us and our product. 

As a company we constantly focus on innovation and product development to provide you with the absolute best experience possible, in line with our mission statement. 

Our team at Solve a Mystery is highly motivated and always strives forward. However, it is important for us to not take ourselves too seriously, laugh a lot, and enjoy all types of viewpoints. It should be fun to work at Solve A Mystery, because then we set the right conditions to deliver optimal experiences to our customers. 


– of greatest importance
to us!

What is it that makes Solve A Mystery unique? That is a crucial question which a new company must ask themselves. One of the most important and distinguishable values we work with is authenticity. 

All our experiences are based on real life events and have a clear connection to the physical place where our customers experience the mystery.

We believe that this acts as a defining feature signifying the quality and credibility of our products.

We hope this authenticity shines through when our customers take part in our mysteries. 

Whether it is a tourist exploring a weekend in new city, a local who is discovering their city from a different angle, or a school class attempting to Solve A Mystery during a history class. 

Our content team is very dedicated to ensuring authenticity, we want it to be an experience you will not forget! 


Solve A Mystery – An experience for both mind and body!

At Solve A Mystery we want our experiences to contribute to a better physical and mental health.

When you take part in Solve A Mystery’s experiences you can rid yourself of everyday stress by only focusing on yourself and your Solve-mates attempting the mystery together.

You get the chance to work on your communicative and problem-solving skills and discuss the suspenseful outcomes throughout the experience.


In combination with a wonderful 2 km walk through historical and cultural environments, the mystery perfectly pairs together an experience for both mind and body.

Real partnerships – For the best customer experience

We insist that each person should do what we are best at. At Solve A Mystery we know a lot, but not everything.

Hence, we have a few strategically chosen partners that are among the best in their fields.

Together with our competent partners, we create the possibility and preconditions to deliver a thoroughly great experience to our customers.

The partners in our team are key players and are from varied fields such as packaging/distribution, writing, copywriting, translation, digital marketing, and sales. What they all have in common is an ambition to deliver the greatest value to our customers, which often makes happy customers return.

Or as we like to call them, Solve-mates.

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