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Uppdaterat: 30 jan. 2023

You probably know it well....You have lived in one place for so long that you completely forget to explore and enjoy your city. The same has happened to me. I have lived in Copenhagen for many years and I have forgotten how many beautiful buildings the city hides! Today I went into the city with a friend, bought an icetea and went on a city walk. We had Solve A Mystery with us to make it all a little more exciting.

Mysteriet Mordet ved Rundetårn foran Rundetårn

We started at The Round tower, where this mystery started. We were guided around the city for 2 hours and passed so many beautiful old buildings! Also buildings I had never seen before.

It was a really fun and different way to experience the city! The time really flew by and we got to know so many fun things about the buildings we passed. In addition, the tasks in the mysteries encourage you to look up from your mobile phone. In more ways than one... First of all, the internet wasn't invented at the time of the murder mystery, and secondly because you have to stop and notice the details on the beautiful buildings. It was a much needed break from the constant need to be online all the time.

When you feel ready to collect the clues and identify the murderer, I would recommend that you find a nice cafe or restaurant nearby where you can talk the case through. When you have identified who you think is the guilty, you can read the last page of the mystery and see if you were right. In addition, you can read about the real case on which the mystery is based.

It was a fun way to be with my friend. We laughed and talked together about the various clues we got along the way. We had a lot of good talks, as we had both picked up different things along the way and when we finally had to gather the evidence and point to a guilty, we disagreed a lot to begin with. After talking things through, we luckily found the guilty anyway. So all in all it was a super fun day! And not just because we solved the mystery!

Rundetårn i København

Solve A Mystery has mysteries in 8 different citys, and there is most likely one near you! You can find all of our mysteries by clicking here:

So pick up a mystery, go on a city walk, and start discovering your city!


True crime greek and (recently) huge fan of citywalks

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