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The perfect Valentine's Day activity

Then we hit February 6th!

Valentine's Day is approaching, and thoughts are probably already running about who to celebrate Valentine's Day with and how to celebrate it? Maybe you are one of those who already know?

Romance comes in all shapes and sizes. But do you know why we celebrate Valentine's Day? There are so many legends. The most popular one says that Emperor Claudius II ordered that the Roman soldiers were not allowed to marry or become betrothed. Priest Valentin was then completely indifferent to this, and continued to ordain the young soldiers. Therefore he was arrested and punished by beheading on 14th of February 269.

Did you know that the celebration of Valentine's Day is not common in all countries?

In England and France, the celebration started as early as the 14th century, and in fact it wasn't until the 19th century the tradition started in the United States, and it was here that cards, roses, gifts and chocolates became a part of the holiday.

In Denmark, the celebration didn't start until the 1990s and is still a growing tradition, which especially young people between 18-34 enjoy.

Personally, I'm not into all the traditional gifts, I want to share an experience with a special person that I can remember. That's why I also have the perfect gift suggestion, so you don't end up with another evening at home on the sofa.

A Mystery Hunt from Solve A Mystery, has it all! You get a fun experience that you can share with the person you want to share the day with, whether it's your boyfriend or a friend. In groups of up to 4, you are now going on an adventure in the chosen city to solve a mystery, based on a true crime. Does it get better!? On your trip around the city, you will pass a lot of historical places, and at the same time gather a lot of new knowledge. The tasks are both fun and challenging, and since it is self-guided you can easily plan it before a dinner at a delicious restaurant or before the cinema.

I'm sure this experience will be a hit with most? Who doesn't like going on an adventure, in a new way?

If Valentine's Day is not something you feel like celebrating, a mystery hunt from Solve A Mystery can also work perfectly as a birthday present!

Solve A Mystery is located in 8 European cities, with many more on the way!

You can see all the mysteries here:

And hey! It's totally okay to buy one for yourself too.. I would definitely do that too!


True Crime Geek and born romantics

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