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Tips to Explore Amsterdam

Are you going to Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is a unique and fantastic city full of historic buildings and museums. Like who doesn't have the Anne Frank House on their must visit list.

If you haven't been to Amsterdam yourself before, or just can't decide on what to see, then i have a tip for you!

Amsterdam is a city with a lot to offer and great diversity, so there is something for everyone to experience, no matter is you would love a canal cruise or a bike tour, but Amsterdam has just as much, if not more to offer on foot. So put on a good pair of shoes and some comfortable clothes and go for a city walk.

City walks are typically a cheap way to see the city, while also getting good exercise. With a city walk you typically discover things that you would not otherwise have noticed. What's not to like?

If you are like me, who loves to see new and unique things, and at the same time also are one of those people who listens to true crime podcast when you are out for a walk, then I have the perfect experience for you.

With the mystery hunt "The Murder at Dam Square", you are back to the 20th century. You will explore all the beautiful and not least historic buildings to look for clues that can help you solve the tasks. During the 2 km long city walk, you will pass Dam Square, Nieuwmarkt Square and, see several historic buildings that you would not otherwise have come across.

The mystery hunt is suitable whether you are away with family, friends or your partner, at the same time is its self-guided so it can be adapted to everything else you have planned for the day. There will therefore be plenty of time to take a trip past Anne Frank's house, or taste some of all their delicious cheeses.

I can't find any excuse why you shouldn't just try the mystery, when going to Amsterdam.

When the mystery is solved, there is also plenty of opportunity to enjoy a beer (or several, who am I to judge), while reading about the real case.

Everything you need to be able to solve the mystery and see the city at the same time is included. Whether it's your first time visiting Amsterdam or you've lived there all your life, this is a fun and entertaining experience for all ages (However, I recommend ages 8 and up to get the best experience)

If you are travling in a large group, then i would recommend buying several games and make it a competition - who doesn't love a competition and even better if you win - the winning group will be the group that solves the mystery first.

Good luck with your investigation, you may need it!

If you have any good tips for a visit to Amsterdam, please share them with me in the comments section.


True crime Geek, and fan of city walks

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