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Uppdaterat: 20 jan. 2023

sam still missing solve the mystery hunt

Seventh SMS from SAM is here! Solve it and We will reward one investigator, who has all encrypted messages right with €1,500!

The seventh and last encoded message Sam has sent to you is different than the others.

It is written as a poem! Find the location of kidnapper 7#, by deciphering the poem and by finding the location hidden in the picture below.

After you have found the location you have to search for a specific detail on Google Street View.

The detail you have to look for is described below.

If you solve it successfully, note the answer down to remember in order to find the solution and get a chance to win €1,500!

7# and the last SMS from Sam
Find this city in the north 
with the forward bended boy,
 in his hand a hint he'll bring forth,
that shall bring you joy.

solve the mystery hunt task 7

HINT: All of the locations you need to find are along the routes where our mysteries are taking place.

Did you miss last week's task?

No problem! You can still solve all the prior encoded messages from Sam, until the Sunday May 16, 2022.

When you have solved the mystery hunt, send us your solutions before

23:59 (CEST+2) on Sunday May 16, 2022.

To be able to win you have to:

1 - Screenshot or describe who you think the kidnapper is to the final task

2 - Send your answers to the first seven tasks

3 - Tell us your name

Send your answer to and title it "Mystery Hunt"

The winner will be drawn amongst those with all the correct answers and will be contacted directly via e-mail.

If we haven't heard from the winner within a week, we will draw another winner, and the prior winner will forfeit the right to the prize.

If you agree to accept the prize you will at the same time consent to let Solve a Mystery publish you as the winner on all their social media platforms. The consent can always be withdrawn by contacting


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