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What type of detective are you ?

There are 5 general types of detectives when solving a mystery hunt. Read along here to find out which type you are. I already found mine!

  1. Leader

The Leader is the one who wants to decide the course of the battle, he takes the lead and decides which way you go and how the tasks are approached. If all parties do not agree, he typically has the last word.

Although it may sound that way, it's not just all bad.

The head is good at making a decision so that you don't get stuck, even if the group is in doubt about the answer or the direction. You can therefore say that the supervisor is the one who ensures that the task is completed, and at the same time ensures that everyone is part of the process.

The head has the following characteristics

  • Is good at having a broad overview of all the information you have received

  • Can remain calm in all situations and all weather

  • Is targeted to find all clues that may lead to the perpetrator

  • Ensures that all opinions are heard and that everyone is hereby included.

2. The enthusiastic

The enthusiastic is the one who brings all the energy and spirit to the team. He thinks it's the coolest thing to go out and solve a Mystery hunt, as they are always looking for new experiences.

He makes sure to keep the spirit up if a task is difficult or the weather is against the group. The enthusiastic is typically the one who solves the slightly different tasks, as they manage to discover things that others do not.

The enthusiast has the following traits

  • Always ready for new experiences

  • Enjoys new challenges, especially if they can be solved with the circle of friends

  • Takes all headwinds with a smile, (you can always wear an extra set of clothes)

  • Seeing the glass as half full and not half empty.

3. The Sticky brain.

The Sticky brain notices everything and believes there is a deeper meaning to everything you encounter. The sticky brain notices the things that the rest of us don't see as relevant.

The Sticky brain remembers all the details that are given in the mystery, as anything can be of relevance.

In addition, the Sticky brain is good at communicating with the remaining participants, so that everyone helps to discuss all the clues and details that may become important later on. The sticky brain is also very good at coming up with valid arguments for who they think is the culprit, as they can remember all the clues you've encountered throughout the mystery.

The Sticky brain has the following characteristics

  • Can find a needle in any haystack

  • Can remember all conversations and all birthdays, also for other peopleHas an amazing memory that can impress everyone

  • Have a tendency to save everything even unnecessary things (what if it can come in handy at another time)

4. The problem solver

The problemer solver is essential for every team. They notice patterns, can see through the most difficult encrypted codes, and do not give up until they have figured out how a task should be solved, even tho the rest of the team is ready to move on.

The task solver is the one that everyone counts on when no one else is able to solve the task, or see through the clue, this also means that the task solver is typically super sharp and looks at things from a different point of view than the rest of us.

The task solver has the following characteristics

  • Can discern a pattern and repetitions in everything

  • Is stubborn and does not give up until a solution to the problem has been found

  • The phone is full of games that train the brain.

  • When others say they cannot solve a task, it becomes a matter of principle for you that you must be the one to solve it.

5. The confused

The confused person is the person who didn't quite help plan what was going to happen, but who is just there to be part of the social. The confused person has no idea what you are actually doing, what it is all about or what they have to offer, so he just follows the rest of the group and praises when something get's solved

Even the the confused one can be a bit frustrating for the rest of the group sometimes, they are good at reminding, it may be time for a break, or something to drink must be found. The confused is just there.

The Confused has the following traits

  • No idea what's going on

  • Is really just present

  • Does not participate in the decisions

  • Have no suggestions for solutions to the tasks or a guess as to who the perpetrator is, as they haven't really been following along.

Let me know what type you are? I am undoubtedly a problem solver myself


True crime Geek and a true problem solver

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