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Why is true crime so popular?

Are you like me, completely obsessed with true crime? Hope I'm not alone here.

I have become curious as to what it is that makes true crime have an increasing interest. We see this in several ways. Like, who haven't seen Netflix's Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story. I can't possibly be the only one who binge - watched the whole thing

We all know that when there has been a traffic accident, there is ALWAYS a traffic jam, cause we wanna see what's going on. Most people are fascinated by what transcends our borders, as long as it is at a distance. With true crime, we get the opportunity to get really close to really extreme people, whom we don't want to meet on our way, and fortunately probably won't. But we still think it's fascinating to delve into what they did, and not least why? There is nothing more fascinating than following the police's investigative work, this is i.a. one of the reasons why true crime podcast has become so popular.

Some experts believe that another reason why women in particular love the true crime genre is the attempt to prepare for what to do if you should end up in the victim's situation.But we can all agree that it is more fascinating to look at the case from the investigation point of view instead of from the victim's point of view.

We all know when we sit and watch or read a mystery. We always have 20 thousand things we would have done differently or could have done better. This is regardless of whether we are talking about a true crime or fictional mystery. This is the thought we want to test.

With our mystery hunts, you can already test today if you really are a born detective, like when you are sitting at home on the sofa and commenting on the book or the television.

We have mystery hunts spread across Europe and many more on the way! You can see all the mysteries here:


True Crime Geek and inner detective.

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