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The murder by the pantheon

2 hours 
2 km/1 mile
1-4 players per group
€39 per group

Based on: Case G
Difficulty: Easy/Medium
8+ years recommended

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365 days a year


Centro Storico neighbourhood, Rome


The year is 1901.

A woman has been found murdered. As a detective, you have to find out who is behind this homicide.

As the story unfolds, you will be interacting with and experiencing Rome while solve entertaining and exciting tasks.

In the end, you will get the true verdict, but before that you have to decide: Who do you believe the killer is and what evidence supports your decision?

The envelope contains everything you need for your investigation. Each chapter contains tasks as well as facts and information that elaborate on the circumstances.

The more points you earn along the way, the more time you get in the end to discuss who you think is behind the murder.

Good luck with the investigation.