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2 Hours 
2 km/1 mile
1-4 players per group

€49 / DKK 375 per group

Based on: Case B

Difficulty: Medium

8+ years recommended


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365 days a year


City Centre, Copenhagen


The murder at Rundetårn takes place in 1899. You are an investigator responsible for solving a missing person's case. The case may be connected to a bloody folder that has been found.

The missing person is the local debt collector, Johan Meyer, who disappeared under suspicious circumstances in the area around ​​Rundetårn. The same area where the folder was found.

As 'The Murder at Rundetårn' unfolds, you will solve difficult and exciting tasks that require teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills. Much is at stake and the Copenhagen Police Department depends on you to solve this murder mystery. The question is, can you?


'The Murder at Rundetårn' is based on a true story, so when you and your co-investigators finally reach the final destination at Vor Frue Plads, you can sit down in one of the nearby cafes and read about the true story of the debt collector who disappeared at Rundetårn.

Good luck! You may need it.

How to solve the mystery hunt
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How does it work?

Go to the pick up point, which is a short walk from the starting point, to collect your mystery. Begin the game any time you want at the starting point indicated on the envelope.

The mystery takes place outside and is a private group activity, no third party members or additional players are involved. It is possible to play the game in larger groups, go to FAQ for more information or send an email with your request to:

Pick up point

Maria's Kiosk

Holbergsgade 9, 

1057 Copenhagen

Mon - Sun 06-18

Public holidays closed

How to go on a mystery hunt
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Solve the Round tower Mystery hunt
The Mystery Walk

You open the envelope at The Round Tower and take out the murder mystery. The tour that awaits you will take you on a trip, during which you solve puzzles and tasks related to the stunning and historical surroundings around The Round Tower, one of Copenhagen's most well-known buildings.

Finally, you end up at Vor Frue Plads. Here you will gather all the threads and clues and hopefully accuse the right person of being responsible for this shocking crime!

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