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Find the perfect christmas gift

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

Happy 1st of December! Christmas Eve is very soon and the stress over presents may be approaching. If you are one of those who already have all the gifts under control, hats off to you! How do you do it?!? Please tell me!

Personally, I am one of those latecomers and I often end up making panic purchases... And, as we all know, that rarely ends well! That's why I have a suggestion for a good Christmas gift idea right here!

Giving an experience as a gift is being more and more popular . And I really understand why! It's fantastic to get a gift that creates good memories at the same time! A gift from Solve A Mystery is the gift that keeps on giving! Not only is it a really fun experience itself, it's also an experience you can share with your friends and/or family! In groups of four, you go out into the city and solve a mystery based on true crime! Along the way, you will pass historical buildings and places. Not only will you pass by the historical places, you can also gain a lot of, perhaps new, knowledge about the areas you pass by. The tasks you have to solve along the way are both fun and challenging and are perfect for a fun and different day with friends and family. I'm sure the gift will go down well with most people! Who doesn't love getting out and experiencing new places?

Solve A Mystery is the perfect gift for christmas

Solve A Mystery sells mysteries in 8 different European cities, so there are a lot to choose from!

Check them all out right here:

Psssst! It is okay to buy one for yourself as well! I definitely would


True Crime Geek and gift giving expert

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